5 Things To Do As A Buyer

5 Things To Do As A Buyer

This market isn’t easy right now, there is no sugar coating that- but there are 5 things you can do as a buyer to make sure you stand an excellent chance at being the successful offer on offer night – and no, it’s not always just the highest price



Understand value and where your top price is.

You may never have a second chance, so do not leave room for “if they come back”

Choose the number that “you do not care if someone offered $1000 more than you, as you wouldn’t have paid that anyway”


Get approved & send your mortgage broker the MLS Listing before offer night

Working with an excellent mortgage broker has NEVER been more important. In a market where its hard to get anything accepted that isn’t firm, having a broker that properly qualifies you and has a Plan B, C and maybe even D in place for you if anything doesn’t go as planned.


Pre-Offer Inspection

If an inspection is important to you, do it BEFORE offer night. Alternatively, plan for the worst case scenario with a contingency fund.


Get a DRAFT & attached HEREWITH to your offer!

Firm offer with your Draft attached to it tells the seller a few things:

1) You are SERIOUS
2) You are PREPARED
3) you are a SURE thing


Write a letter & tell the seller why you love their house.

Selling a home is personal. If two offer are similar, the heart string could be what seals that deal for you.

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