Experience the Merit Group Difference


Stress Free Experience

At Merit Group we know that selling your property can be a stressful time in your life. Our goal is to make it as stress free and take as little time as possible so you can move into your future with ease. We will ensure that your sale process is seamless.

After a thorough consultation, we will coordinate the execution of all necessary tasks to help prepare your property. We work with a team of professional contractors, cleaners, organizers and stagers to take the workload off you. How your property looks is crucial to a successful sale. Working with these professionals complements our unique marketing strategy. 

and Storage


We know you believe in the power of staging, but the sheer task of moving your items out of your house and where to store them was something we’ve heard time and time again over the years. We now have that solution for you! We will happily store your items that need to be removed while your home is staged and listed for sale in our Storage Facility. We will then bring them back for you when you are sold and the house has been destaged. One less thing for you to worry about! 



We provide intensive ‘deep cleaning ‘services to get your house ready to show.

We know life is busy and how you live in your home versus how you sell your homes is entirely different. Somethings you just don’t see when it is your own space.

Our detail oriented cleaning crew will come in after we’ve completed staging and before all of the media to deep clean your house.

This isn’t just a quick dust and mop, your house will be sparkling!

In addition to this cleaning we also will come back in after your home has been sold and destaged, so you can come back home safely and not have to worry about the many people that have been through your home while it was listed for sale. 

Elite Staging


How you showcase your home matters

Staging your property is a vital ingredient to setting your home up for success when it hits the Milton real estate market. When you use the Merit Real Estate Group, our home positioning experts provide everything your property needs to give it curb appeal inside and out—from furniture to lighting to appealing accents.

We house over 1200 pieces of staging furniture and decor to ensure we have plenty of selection to stage your home perfectly. 

Whether we want to enhance a beautiful natural feature of your home, or showcase an area for it’s intended use, home staging is not something to be looked over. 

Home staging in the Milton Real Estate Market benefits both buyer and seller.

Home buyers are not just looking for a house to live in, they are looking at their future. They are looking to fulfill their dreams, create memories with their families and live out a desired lifestyle. 

Staging helps the buyers to see their dreams realized. Potential buyers do not want to walk into a home and see all the work that needs to be done, they want to imagine how effortlessly the move into their new home will be. They want to think “wow, I would love living here.”

Staging helps sellers by having their home on the market for a shorter period of time as well as receiving the financial gain from the emotions that are evoked from the buyers.  When a home is not staged, buyers see “work” and that work is often exaggerated with the costs associated in fixing items. This often translates to a lower offering price. Even worse, if they see too much “work” they may pass altogether. 

The best part about our home staging services is there is minimal work for you as the seller. We work with a professional team of stagers and movers to move out existing pieces of your furniture, store it safely in our warehouse and replace it with our on trend curated home staging furniture and decor. 

Our Milton professional home stager consults with you to…

  • declutter & start packing- after all you are moving!
  • Colour Consultations 
  • teach you a few simple things to do, when you leave your house before a showing to ensure your home is always in show ready condition
  • the signature “karate chop” for the plentiful accent pillows
  • tips and tricks for living with kids while showing your home
  • appealing fresh scents to use and those not to use


Coming Soon

We build excitement with our coming soon campaign to create a buzz & ensure that we hit the ground running on launch day. 

You want your house sold quickly & by allowing us to create a lineup of buyers at your door on launch day ensures we do just that. 



You need to impress buyers or they will pass you by.

First impressions are vital when nearly every potential buyer starts their property search online. Buyers have the inventory at their fingertips and we provide the very best photography showcase of your home and property. 

Our professional photography stands out and captivates a buyer’s attention showcasing your home with the proper lighting, no distorted fisheye or wide lens tricks. Your home will look amazing online and even better in person. 

We also offer twilight & drone photography services for those properties that would benefit from this added feature. 



In today’s market, traditional slideshow tours do not cut it. We go above and beyond, using professional videographers , Drone and sometimes even actors.

Our unique custom property videos have a viral effect.

We target the potential buyer demographic for your home, which attracts tens thousands of views in less than a week!

Most Real estate videos never even reach 10,000 views in the entirety of a listing. 

The difference is noticeable and we create a buzz with our videos that people want to share. 

Online Marketing Strategy


MLS on it’s own doesn’t cut it.

We go above and beyond using a refined online marketing strategy utilizing social media to target, track and convert buyers.

We determine the unique demographic for your property and run online advertising campaigns to target them.

We get your listing in front of prospective buyers through search engine optimization and social media.

Our ads are hyper focused to find the right buyer for your house. Helping you to sell your home faster.  


Custom Print

It is important for the buyers to have a take away after visiting your house.

We design custom marketing pieces for every property so the buyers remember your home and how they felt while visiting.

During the changing landscape with Covid, we now offer this in a QR code format at the house. Allowing buyers to feel safe and still get all the information at their fingertips while in your home. 



Your home will be showcased on its own individual property pages with a custom domain. This allows anyone to easily share your listing details across multiple online platforms.

Your home is presented online, using high resolution professional photos of the property, a unique lifestyle video as well as the floor plan and a detailed description of the home. 

There will be nothing left for the buyers to do, than book an appointment and come and fall in love in person. 

The passion and difference behind the selling strategy with Merit Real Estate Group comes from a combined experience and desire to do things better. A note from our founder Michelle Merritt. 

“I’ve been in the real estate industry my entire adult life. I live and breathe real estate, and know the local market better than the back of my hand. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with amazing agencies that helped shape who I am today. After experiencing first-hand how every cog in a real estate agency turns, I came to the conclusion that things could be better and decided to do something about it.”  

Merit Real Estate Group, was born on September 5, 2017, the Merit Real Estate Group is real estate refined. Here, clients are not numbers or commission checks. We treat them like the force behind our success because they are. All clients receive hands-on treatment and access to the best specialists and services for their unique needs.

All the services we offer are designed to bring out the best in the homes we represent so they stand out from the competition. More importantly, they serve our clients’ best interests. Too many agencies promise the best or to go the extra mile yet fail to follow through. At the Merit Real Estate Group, offering the best and going the extra mile aren’t promises to live up to; they’re a standard part of our five-star services.  

When you need a Milton-area real estate professional for any of your needs—whether you’re buying, selling, or have a referral—make the Merit Real Estate Group your first choice. Here’s to refining real estate!