How you choose to show your home matters!

Staging your property is a vital ingredient to setting your home up for success when it hits the Milton real estate market. When you use the Merit Real Estate Group, our home positioning experts provide everything your property needs to give it curb appeal inside and out—from furniture to lighting to appealing accents.

We house over 1300 pieces of staging furniture and decor to ensure we have plenty of selection to stage our homes.

Whether we want to enhance a beautiful natural feature of the home, or showcase an area for its intended use, home staging is not something to be looked over.

Home staging in the Milton Real Estate Market benefits both buyer and seller. 

Home buyers are not just looking for a house to live in, they are looking at their future. They are looking to fulfill their dreams, create memories with their families and live out a desired lifestyle.

Staging helps the buyers to see their dreams realized. Potential buyers do not want to walk into a home and see all the work that needs to be done, they want to imagine how effortlessly the move into their new home will be. They want to think “wow, I would love living here.”

Staging helps sellers by having their home on the market for a shorter period of time as well as receiving the financial gain from the emotions that are evoked from the buyers.  When a home is not staged, buyers see “work” and work and often exaggerate the costs associated with fixing items. This often times translates to a lower offering price. Even worse, if they see too much “work” they may pass altogether.

The best part about our home staging services is there is minimal work for you as the seller. We work with a professional team of stagers and movers to move out existing pieces of your furniture, store it safely in our warehouse and replace it with our beautifully curated home staging furniture and decor.

Our Milton professional home stager consults with you to…

  • declutter & start packing- after all you are moving!
  • remove family photos- depersonalizing is extremely important.
  • paint, touch ups or full colour changes. 
  • They also teaches you a few simple things to do when you leave your house before a showing to ensure your home is always in show ready condition.
  • Turn on all the lights
  • ensure all toilet seats are down
  • The signature ” karate chop ” for the plentiful accent pillows. 
  • Tips and Tricks for living with kids while showing your home. 
  • appealing fresh  scents to use & those not to. 

We take great pride in positioning your home in the absolute best light possible & transforming it from your home and into a product. This has put on average 2.9% more money into our clients pockets, without costing them any additional fees for our services. 

Check out some of our Styling Transformations!